Meet Chelsea F.C. with’s BetShare Extravaganza

Are you ready to give your earnings a big boost?’s BetShare Extravaganza is the event you’ve been waiting for! This thrilling tournament lets your audience earn big while they cheer on their favourite teams in the Euro 2024 games.

The top five players on the leaderboard can win a dream trip to the UK to see the famous Chelsea F.C. play live. Plus, the next five spots can expect rewarding prizes. It’s a win-win for your players and a chance for you to earn high commissions once you sign up as an affiliate at

Learn more about how you can promote this event below.

What is BetShare Extravaganza at

The BetShare Extravaganza is’s thrilling tournament that lets your players earn rewards by sharing their betslips. This one-of-a-kind promo is a game-changer, giving your audience the chance to climb the leaderboard and become one of the top five ‘Yoloers’ to win an epic trip for two to the UK.

The grand prize is a dream come true for any football fan—a trip to see the legendary Chelsea FC play live on the pitch! Chelsea FC is one of the most well-known and successful clubs in the Premier League, with a long history of triumph and a legion of passionate fans worldwide.

Your invited players can earn commissions by sharing their betslips. When they reach the top spot on the leaderboard, they can experience the magic of watching Chelsea FC play up close. It’s a chance that’s too good to miss, so make sure to entice a lot of sports bettors.

Rewards that await the players of BetShare Extravaganza

This exciting event at has mind-blowing prizes that will thrill both sports and casino fans. The top 10 spots on the leaderboard can claim rewards that elevate their casino experience.

Check out the full details below to see how your players can climb the ranks and hit on these amazing rewards:

Leaderboard ranking Thrilling prizes
Top 1 to 5
  • Any of your invited players who reach this thrilling tournament’s 1st to 5th ranking can fly to the United Kingdom. There, they can meet the top Football Club, Chelsea F.C., and see them play live at their huge, famous home field.

This will take place during the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

  • The top five winners get this big trip to see the top football match. Your lucky players can bring any +1 to accompany them during the trip.

Another good thing is their chosen companion doesn’t have to be Yoloer, so they can bring anyone they like.

Top 6 to 10
  • The next five spots after the first five get some great freebies, too. Once your invited players hit this spot on the leaderboard, they can get:
    • Free bets to maximise and extend their gameplay without using their funds,
    • Yolo Merchandise to use, wear, or collect
    • Surprise gifts
  • They can still walk away with some sweet prizes even if they don’t get the big trip!

Bonus rewards

In addition to the rewards for the top players, has even more rewards up for grabs. If your invited players provide feedback about the bet slip sharing feature on the casino platform, they can get surprise rewards on top of the leaderboard winnings.

It’s an easy way for them to boost their earnings, so be sure to encourage them to share their thoughts after joining the tournament.

Commission on this event

To join the promotion, your players just need to opt in and place a bet with odds of at least 1.80. Then, they can earn by sharing their bet slips—the higher the odds, the bigger the commission rate they can get.

Have a look at the table below to see the odds they should aim for and the commission they can expect:

Odds Commission rate
1,01 to 1,79 0%
1,80 to 2,49 0,5%
2,5 to 3,99 2%
4,0 to 6,99 3%
7,0 to 9,99 4%
10 and more 5%

By earning commissions, your invites can climb the leaderboard and compete for the top prizes.

How players can join and opt into this thrilling event

Joining the event is a breeze for your players. has a quick and easy way for them to compete for thrilling prizes! Here’s a full guide on how to get your invitees to join:

  • Let your players sign up at using your affiliate link. This ensures they are set up to earn you commissions when they start betting.
  • Between July 2 and July 7, have your players opt into the BetShare Extravaganza.
  • Once they’ve opted in, they should start placing bets with odds of at least 1.80. The higher the odds, the bigger the commission they earn.
  • Remind them to share their bet slip after placing each bet. This is how they will earn the commissions, which will help them climb the rankings.
  • The top spots will win prizes such as a trip to see Chelsea F.C. play in real-time in the UK.

BetShare Extravaganza terms and conditions

As an affiliate who will invite players at to join the event, you need to know the rules for the participants. The T&Cs outline eligible dates, minimum bet odds, and commission structure. Reviewing these details ensures your invites can join successfully and maximise their earnings from the promotion.

Check out the T&Cs below:

  • The promotion only accepts bets made in USDT. No other currencies can be used.
  • When your players opt into the promotion, they get a 20 USDT bonus to start with. It’s a great boost to help them to get started.
  • Each player can only use one account. Remind them not to create multiple accounts on the platform.
  • The commissions on their bets are paid out instantly, whether the bet wins or loses. They don’t need to do anything to get their earnings.
  • To track how much earnings they have, they can check the ‘My Bets > Shared Bets’ tab on their account.
  • The more bets they share, the more earnings they get. This lets them keep betting and climbing the leaderboard.
  • One important note: bets made using the BetBuilder feature don’t qualify for the bet slip sharing.
  • If they need any other details on how the bet slip sharing works, they can find more info in the platform’s help section.

Ride the wave of Euro 2024 and earn big at!

The BetShare Extravaganza at is an event you don’t want to miss if you aim to boost your earnings. This thrilling promotion offers the chance for your players to win big prizes just by placing bets and sharing their bet slips.

As an affiliate, you can earn lucrative commissions of up to 45% with no quotas. has a huge user base of casino and sports fans, so make sure to make the most of this chance to get them on the event and increase your chances of claiming huge revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up as an affiliate at today and start driving traffic! With the simple steps outlined, you can encourage your players to join and earn rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What commission rate can I earn at

At, you can earn up to 45% commissions on the bets your players make, which is a high rate with no quotas to meet.

What are the perks I can expect when joining

Once you join, you can look forward to some great benefits, such as:

  • Receiving expert account management support to help boost your efforts
  • Earn high profit of up to 45% on the bets and wagers your referrals make
  • Receiving your earnings quickly at the start of each month
  • Access to detailed stats and tools to track your efforts and earnings
  • A wide range of popular online casinos and sports betting to promote.

How to join and start earning?

Here’s how you can become an affiliate with and start earning:

  1. Sign up: Complete the easy process to join the affiliate program.
  2. Promote: Tell your audience about the BetShare Extravaganza.  
  3. Earn: Get up to 45% revenue without quota.
  4. Check performance: Use the stats on your dashboard to see your earnings and enhance your efforts for even more earnings.
  5. Get the revenue: Receive your earned commissions fast at the start of each month.