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What is Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion tournament?

Guess the Champion is an exciting Bitcasino promotion that allows your players to showcase their sports knowledge and guessing skills. Guests can join the event and choose who they think will win the upcoming European Football Championship (Euros) before the games start.

The stakes are high, as the potential reward can reach up to 2,000 USDT! The prize pool grows based on the odds of the team your invite selects. The higher the odds of their chosen team, the greater their winnings can be if their guess turns out to be correct. This creates an intense, thrilling experience where time and a smart decision are the keys to success.

Odds and prizes of Guess the Champion tournament

The odds of each team winning the Euros tournament play a big role. The higher the odds of the team your players choose, the larger their potential payout will be if that team wins. This creates an exciting risk-reward dynamic, where players can go for the underdog with better odds for a massive win or play it safer with a favourite team at lower odds.

Whichever route your invites decide to take, the thrill of the Euros tournament, the chances to win the 2,000 USDT reward, and more are guaranteed to captivate them.

Refer to the table below to see the countries, bonus codes, their odds, and respective prizes your invites can expect when they join the tournament:

Country Bonus Code Odds Prize (USDT)
England GC2024EN 4.25 250
France GC2024FR 4.5 250
Germany GC2024GER 7 250
Portugal GC2024PT 9 250
Spain GC2024ES 9 250
Belgium GC2024BE 15 500
Italy GC2024IT 15 500
Netherlands GC2024NE 17 500
Croatia GC2024CRO 41 500
Denmark GC2024DEN 41 500
Turkey GC2024TR 51 500
Serbia GC2024SB 67 2,000
Switzerland GC2024SWI 67 2,000
Austria GC2024AU 81 2,000
Hungary GC2024HR 81 2,000
Scotland GC2024SCO 81 2,000
Ukraine GC2024UKR 101 2,000
Czech Republic GC2024CZCH 151 2,000
Poland GC2024PO 151 2,000
Romania GC2024RO 201 2,000
Slovenia GC2024SLO 251 2,000
Albania GC2024ALB 501 2,000
Georgia GC2024GE 501 2,000
Slovakia GC2024SLOV 501 2,000

How your invites can opt-in to Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion

  1. Make sure your invites opt-in to the campaign once they sign up on the Bitcasino platform. This is the first step in securing their spot and allowing them to select the team they think will win the upcoming Euros tournament.
  2. Next, have them review the table above, which displays the bonus codes for each team joining the Euros. Guide them in choosing the code corresponding to the team they want to back.
    They must make this pick before the tournament kicks off, as once a team is chosen, that decision becomes final.
  3. After choosing their preferred team, your invites must head to the rewards page at Bitcasino. They will see a ‘Claim Reward’ button in the top right corner. They need to enter the bonus code for their chosen team to lock in their pick.
  4. The final step is for them to bet at least 1,000 USDT by June 19th. Meeting this requirement qualifies them to receive the rewards based on the odds of the team they picked.
    It’s crucial to highlight that the higher the odds of their chosen team, the greater their potential winnings will be if that team wins the Euros.
  5. Encourage them to choose their team wisely. With the right pick and a bit of luck on their side, they could take home a thrilling payout from this Bitcasino tournament.

Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion terms and conditions

The rules of Guess the Champion below explain the important details players must do to join this promotion. These rules are outlined to ensure everything is fair for everyone.

As an affiliate, you should read the rules closely to explain them well to your invites. This will help them understand how to maximise the event and avoid problems. 

  • Guess the Champion is open to all Bitcasino players you can invite. It starts on May 29th at 12:01 AM (GMT) and ends on July 15th at 11:59 PM GMT.
  • The most important step is for your invites to pick the team they think will win the tournament. They need to do this by claiming the special bonus code for their chosen team in the rewards section of Bitcasino. They have to claim before June 13th at 11:59 PM GMT. After that date, the team bonus codes will no longer be available.
  • When your invites claim the bonus, the money in their Bitcasino account must be USDT. This is the only currency accepted for this promotion.
  • Each of your invites can only be used to choose and claim the bonus for one team. They can’t pick multiple teams.
  • Each of your invites can only earn one reward throughout the promotion.
  • The amount of the reward they can win depends on the odds of the team they chose. Teams with higher odds have bigger potential rewards.
  • Your invites can be used in any currency supported by Bitcasino, but the rewards are paid out in USDT for crypto players and in JPY for regular money players.
  • All the rewards will be paid out by 5 PM GMT on July 15th.
  • The cash rewards your invites can win come with no extra requirements to bet or wager the money.

Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion general terms and conditions

The general rules explain what your invites must follow when using the Bitcasino platform. These rules cover who can join, how to gamble safely, and what players cannot do. Understanding the overall Bitcasino rules below will ensure your invited players know what to expect when joining.

  • If your invited players join any of the welcome offers, they agree to get emails with details about promotions.
  • If Bitcasino thinks a player is doing anything suspicious or trying to cheat, they can do the following:
    • Check the player’s data
    • Cancel their bets
    • Remove them from the current promotion
    • Stop them from joining future promotions
    • Not give them any winnings.
  • If Bitcasino finds a player is trying to break the rules or misuse the promotion, that player and their related accounts will be blocked from the current and all future promotions.
  • Bitcasino can change, pause, or cancel the promotion at any time.
  • These terms and conditions are in addition to the main Bitcasino rules and bonus terms and conditions.
  • These terms may be translated into various languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion event?

The Guess the Champion event at Bitcasino is a promotion where your invited players can try to predict which team will win the big tournament. If their chosen team wins, they can win big rewards of up to 2,000 USDT and more.

What can I do with Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion promotion?

As an affiliate, you can share the Guess the Champion promotion with your audience. Your invited players can try to guess the winning team and have a chance to win great prizes if they’re right. As you promote and drive more traffic, you can generate profit.

What commission can I expect from promoting Bitcasino’s Guess the Champion?

When you promote the Bitcasino Guess the Champion, you can earn high commissions of up to 45%. The best part is that you don’t have to meet quotas.

What benefits can I take advantage of when I join Partners.io?

By joining Partners.io, you can enjoy a bunch of perks that can maximise your earnings, such as:

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How can I sign up at Partners.io as an affiliate and start earning?

To start earning as a partner of Partners.io, all you need to do is follow this quick guide:

  1. Sign up: Complete the simple sign-up process to join the program.
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