Get ready for some thrills as Bitcasino offers an exciting promotion for May 2024. This promotion is perfect for players who enjoy playing slots and live dealer games.

The May VIP Activity Challenge is filled with rewards, including the chance to take home up to 11,000 USDT. So take advantage of this promotion and let your audience know. Sign up as an affiliate at and spread the word to earn rewarding perks.

Continue reading below to learn about the VIP Activity Challenge and share this epic promotion with your audience.

What is Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge event?

May VIP Activity Challenge is an offer from Bitcasino in which your invites can participate in thrilling competitions by playing their favourite slots or live-dealer games. Here, players can earn points as they play Bitcasino games. Each bet they place contributes to the leaderboard and unlocks exciting prizes.

Milestone structure

The May VIP Activity Challenge milestone structure sets clear targets for players to reach during the promotion. As they hit these milestones, they unlock rewards and can climb higher rankings, enhancing their gaming experience. 

Encourage your players to actively engage in the competition and see the table below to discover the enticing rewards that await your potential invites:

Active Days Cash Milestone
5 500 USDT
10 1,000 USDT
15 1,500 USDT
20 3,000 USDT
30 5,000 USDT

Here are some essential things for your invites to keep in mind when joining the campaign:

  • Leaderboard: The leaderboard in the promotion shows the top 50 rankings. If players have the same number of active days, the ones who reached the active day goal quicker by betting at least 10,000 USDT will have a higher rank. 
  • Daily betting reset: The counter resets at 00:00 (GMT) daily, meaning you should make the most of it by betting as much as possible to boost your winning chances.
  • Hourly updates: The leaderboard updates every hour, which means the rankings change frequently. Stay engaged and active throughout the campaign to have a better chance of securing a top position.

Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the May VIP Activity Challenge outline the guidelines and requirements for joining the event, the milestone rewards, betting thresholds, and other crucial details. Check them out below:

  • Promotion duration: The May VIP Activity Challenge is available to invited VIP players at Bitcasino from May 1, 00:01 (GMT) to May 31, 23:59 (GMT). During this period, VIP players can join the campaign and have a chance to win exciting rewards.
  • Opt-in requirement: To join the tournament, you must confirm your participation by clicking the ‘Opt-in’ button on the promotion page before placing your bets.
  • VIP status requirement: Maintain your VIP status throughout the campaign to qualify for this event. If a player loses their VIP status at any point during the promotion, they are no longer entitled to join in the challenge.
  • Qualifying bets: Only real money bets made by players are eligible for this promotion. Bitcasino won’t count any bets made using free spins, free chips, or bonus balances towards the challenge.
  • Accepted currencies: Bets made in all accepted currencies at Bitcasino qualify for this campaign. It doesn’t matter which currency a player uses to make their bets as long as it is one of the accepted currencies on the platform.
  • Minimum bet requirement: There is no minimum bet requirement per single wager to qualify for this offer. Instead, the challenge focuses on the total amount wagered within a GMT calendar day.

Whether a player wins, loses, or plays other games in between, they need to wager a minimum amount of 10,000 USDT (or its currency equivalent) each day to earn points and progress in the challenge.

  • Milestone completion: You can claim a milestone after completing at least 5 days straight of betting.
  • Leaderboard Tracking: Track your progress through the posted leaderboard. It displays your username, the number of active days you have completed, and the total betting amount achieved. 
  • Currency of rewards: Your cash milestones are in your account’s primary currency. 
  • Milestone prizes: The rewards received for achieving milestones are added without any betting requirements. Your invited players can use the rewards as they wish for further gameplay or withdrawal.

How to opt-in at the May VIP Activity Challenge

Here are the simple steps on how VIP players can join this promotion: 

  • Opt-in: Go to the May VIP Activity Challenge on Bitcasino’s promotion page and click opt-in to join. 
  • Betting requirement: Bet a minimum of 10,000 USDT (or the equivalent in their currency) each day to score a point and complete an active day mission. Encourage players to enjoy their favourite slot or live dealer games while meeting this betting requirement.
  • Milestone rewards: Bitcasino adds the milestone rewards to the account the following day players reach the requirements. As they continue to play and achieve more milestones, they can earn rewards of up to 11,000 USDT for the month.

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Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge promotion offers rewarding bonuses to VIP players, giving them a chance to take home up to 11,000 USDT. 

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What is Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge?

Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge is a promotion where players can opt-in and bet a minimum of 10,000 USDT (or currency equivalent) daily to earn points. When you reach the required milestone, you have the chance to win up to 11,000 USDT for the entire month.

What can I do with Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge promotion?

With Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge, you can promote the campaign to drive traffic and earn high commissions. The more active the players become during the event, the more earnings you can get.

What commission rates can I expect to promote Bitcasino’s May VIP Activity Challenge?

When promoting the May VIP Activity Challenge of Bitcasino, you can earn up to 45% commission without any quotas to meet. It allows you to earn big without the hassle and invite as many as you can.

What are the perks that I can enjoy when I join

By joining, you can enjoy perks such as:

  • Up to 45% revenue share
  • Detailed stats to track your efforts
  • Fast payments at the start of each month
  • Access to market-leading brands such as Bitcasino
  • Support from expert country managers with extensive gaming industry experience
  • Customer support in multiple languages.