Bitcasino presents the Football Fever 2024 promotion that will have your VIP invites cheering from the sidelines. This promotion gives VIP players a chance to win an exclusive trip to a football event in Berlin in July.

Kick off a campaign that combines the excitement of football with the thrill of betting. Keep reading to learn how to earn high commissions and take advantage of this action-packed offer when you sign up as an affiliate at

What is Bitcasino’s Football Fever 2024?

Football Fever 2024 is an exciting offer at Bitcasino, where you will have the chance to attend a prestigious football event in Berlin this May 2024. Enjoy thrilling gameplay with your favourite slots or table games at Bitcasino during this event. 

The excitement continues as you can rack up points and climb Bitcasino’s VIP leaderboard. Become one of the top players in this campaign to receive one of three luxurious packages, offering a special experience that will leave you returning for more. 

Football Fever 2024 mechanics

Knowing the mechanics of Football Fever 2024 is an essential key. This explains how the offer works so you can easily share it with your invites. Understand the mechanics well below to make joining the promo seamless for your audience:

  • Leaderboard updates: Bitcasino updates the leaderboard every hour to reflect the current rankings of the VIP players based on their earned points.
  • Tiebreaker rule: In a tie between multiple players, the player who reached their point count earlier will have the higher position.
  • Tournament type: The tournament follows the ‘Total Bet Sum’ format, where players earn points based on the total amount they bet during the offer.
  • No minimum bet requirement: Let them know there is no minimum bet to join this offer.
  • Playing games: Earn points by playing any slot or live casino game on Bitcasino, except for eBet, Asia Gaming, 7Mojos, BetGamesTV, and Spadegaming.
  • Excluded games: Games excluded from loyalty and bonus money betting will not count towards the player’s tournament progression.
  • Live-dealer games: Inform them that they will earn 1 point once they bet 100 USDT or the equivalent currency on any live-dealer game.
  • Bombay Live Games: Bet 100 USDT or the equivalent currency on any Bombay live-dealer game to earn 2 points.
  • Video/Jackpot Slots: Once your invites bet 100 USDT or the equivalent currency on any video or jackpot slot games, they will earn 5 points.

Football Fever 2024 prizes and travel requirements

This Bitcasino promo brings thrilling prizes for joiners. Show them these rewards to motivate your invites to join and aim for a top spot in the rankings.

The exciting prizes and travel details for winners are as follows:

  • Special VIP package: The top three players who ranked up during the tournament will each win a VIP package to the final game in Berlin. This includes a Prestige Lounge Hospitality Ticket to the Football Championship Final on July 14th.
  • Travel and stay: The VIP event will occur from July 13th to July 15th. The prize covers the following:
    • Round-trip business flights to Berlin for one person
    • 2-night luxury stay in a 5-star hotel
    • Fine dining at a famous restaurant.
  • Package for one person: The VIP package is for the winner only. Bitcasino won’t give it to others like friends or family.
  • Prize refusal: If you decline, you can’t exchange them for cash, free spins, or any other reward. The next player on the rankings will receive the prize instead.
  • Acceptance: Your VIP manager will contact you within a day after the tournament ends. You must confirm your acceptance within 3 days.
  • Insurance and costs: Bitcasino doesn’t cover health and travel insurance, visa charges, or other necessary trip fees. The winners must prepare and arrange these requirements.
  • Border entry limits: Winners must follow the border entry limits and requirements enforced by Germany during travel. They won’t give exemptions, so it’s vital to check the German government website for the latest updates.

Bitcasino’s Football Fever general terms and conditions

Knowing the Football Fever 2024 general terms and conditions is crucial as they guide you when explaining the tournament to your audience.

  • has the right to take needed actions, such as doing a KYC process, cancelling bets, and removing players involved in suspicious or fraudulent activities from the offer. In such cases, any winnings may not be credited.
  • If fraud, cheating, or abuse of the campaign is proven, Bitcasino will ban the players and their related accounts from the current and further offers. 
  • The terms and conditions of Football Fever 2024 may be in various languages, but if there are any variances, the English version is the one that matters.
  • reserves the right to change, reduce, or cancel the offer anytime. Advise your invites to read the terms and conditions along with Bitcasino’s general and Bonus terms and conditions.

How to join Bitcasino’s Football Fever 2024

Your invites can secure a spot in the Football Fever 2024 promo by actively engaging in gameplay at Bitcasino. To further assist them on their journey, here’s a guide on how your players can join this exciting event:

  • Opt-In: Make your gameplay count towards the offer by opting into the tournament.
  • Play Bitcasino games: VIP players can score the most points by playing slots. For every 100 USDT bet on slots, they will earn 5 points. On the other hand, playing Bombay Live or other table games such as baccarat, poker, and blackjack will earn them 2 points for every 100 USDT played.
  • Aim for the top: Strive for a spot among the top three on the rankings! The players who secure these coveted ranks will win an all-inclusive trip to the finals, which includes business-class flights and luxurious five-star hotel stays.

Enjoy the thrill of inviting VIPs while earning at

The Football Fever 2024 at Bitcasino is a rewarding offer waiting to be tapped into by your invites. If you want to drive massive traffic and earn big, now is the time to sign up as an affiliate at and make the most of this fantastic offer.

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What is Football Fever 2024 of Bitcasino?

Football Fever 2024 is a special tournament by Bitcasino for VIP players. It gives them a chance to win a luxurious experience at a prestigious football event in Berlin. They can earn points by playing slots or table games and have a shot at winning one of three extravagant packages to the Euros.

How can I benefit from Bitcasino’s Football Fever 2024?

As an affiliate, you can benefit from Bitcasino’s Football Fever 2024 by driving traffic to the Bitcasino site and promoting the tournament. You should encourage your invites to opt into it to earn profit based on the revenue generated by the players you refer.

How do I sign up as an affiliate at

Here’s a few simple steps to sign up at

  1. Visit our homepage and click on the ‘Become a partner’ button.
  2. Fill out the registration form by providing your details.
  3. After your application is approved, you will start gaining access to our tools and services.
  4. Start promoting our brands, including Bitcasino and earn revenue for players you invite.

What are the commission rates for promoting the Football Fever 2024?

When promoting the Football Fever 2024, you can earn up to 45% revenue share without quotas. The more revenue the players you refer make, the higher your commission rate can be.

What benefits await me as a affiliate?

As a affiliate, you can enjoy a bunch of perks, including:

  • High commission rates
  • Fast payments
  • Access to leading brands like Bitcasino
  • Detailed stats and tracking for your campaigns and traffic
  • Limitless revenue potential based on the traffic you bring in
  • Support from experienced country managers.