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What is Sportsbet.io’s 60K Winners Circle?

60K Winners Circle is a thrilling campaign designed for players who enjoy the best of both casino gaming and sports betting. With a total prize pool of 60,000 USDT, it’s a chance to bring the players the chance to win big.

Throughout this event, running from May 6 until June 2, your invites can win the weekly grand prize pool of 15,000 USDT. As they dive into the games, they can aim for the first spot in the leaderboard and win up to 4,000 USDT.

This is an enticing offer that not only brings fun to your invites but also allows you to maximise your earnings as you promote it. This is the perfect way to engage your audience, boost your commissions, and maximise this limited-time offer.

Sportsbet.io’s 60K Winners Circle events and rewards

Top Sports Events

This first table highlights some of the top sports events in this tournament. It brings you an overview of the scheduled matches and their respective times. Inform your invites about the exciting sports events they can look forward to below:

Match Time (GMT)
PSG VS Dortmund 07.05 20:00
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich 08.05 20:00
Man United vs Arsenal 12.05 16:30

Weekly Rewards

This second table outlines the weekly rewards that players can earn based on the amount they bet during the event:

Wager (USDT) Weekly Reward
500 10 USDT Free Bet
1,000 25 USDT Free Bet
5,000 150 USDT Free Bet

15,000 USDT Weekly Prize Pool

This third table shows the rewards for the top players in the 15,000 USDT Weekly Prize Pool:

Place Reward
1 4,000 USDT Cash
2 2,000 USDT Cash
3 700 USDT Cash
4 – 6 500 USDT Cash
7 1,000 USDT Cash
8-10 350 USDT Free Bets
11 – 15 200 USDT Free Bets
16 – 25 100 USDT Free Bets
26 – 50 50 USDT Free Chips on Bombay Live
51 – 100 30 USDT Free Chips on Bombay Live

Sportsbet.io’s 60K Winners Circle terms and conditions

The 60K Winners Circle has important rules and limits that your players should know. These terms ensure fair play and aptness for rewards. Make sure to explain them clearly to your invites so everyone understands what they need to do and what they can expect from the promo.

  • Duration: The offer runs from May 6, 00:00 (GMT) to June 2, 23:59 (GMT). It’s vital to let your invites know they need to join and bet within this timeframe to be qualified for rewards.
  • Opting In: Joiners must confirm by clicking the ‘OPT IN’ button on the page of the offer. Make sure your invites understand this step to ensure they don’t miss out.
  • Accepted currencies: Bets are accepted in all Sportsbet.io’s supported currencies. Your invites can use their preferred currency to join and place bets.


  • Reward currency: Rewards will be paid out in either USDT or JPY. This is based on the primary currency of the player, so make sure to highlight this point to your invites to know what currency they will receive as rewards.
  • Prize Pool: The total prize pool of 60,000 USDT is divided into four weekly prize pools of 15,000 USDT each.
  • Payout timing: Prizes will be paid out on Mondays by 17:00 (GMT). This payout schedule should be emphasised so that your players have a clear grasp of when they can expect to receive their rewards.
  • Points collecting: Points are earned based on winning bets settled from Monday 00:00 GMT to Sunday 23:59 GMT, regardless of when the player opts in.
  • Minimum point to qualify: Your players must earn at least 1 point to be qualified for any prize.
  • Tournament type: The tournament type is ‘Total Win Sum’. Explain that the player’s total winnings from successful bets add to their ranking spot.
  • Bet types: Both winning single and multi bets will add towards ranking points. This ensures that your invites can join using their preferred bet types.
  • Real money bets: Only real money wagers qualify for this offer. Bonus money balance is not counted from betting.
  • Exclusions: Note that bets settled using the Cash Out feature will not be considered for points on the rankings. Further, void and cancelled bets will not add to the points. Ensure your invites are aware of these exclusions to place valid bets.
  • Points calculation: Points are calculated based on the odds of the bets. Highlight the following point system to your players:
    • Odds 1.5 – 2: 1 point for every 50 USDT bet
    • Odds 2.01 – 3: 3 points for every 50 USDT bet
    • Odds 3.01 – 5: 8 points for every 50 USDT bet
    • Odds 5+: 15 points for every 50 USDT bet

Weekly Betting

  • Reward crediting: Rewards to qualified players will be credited every 8th day from the opt-in. Highlight this cycle to your invites, so they know when to expect their rewards.
  • Reward levels: The reward values are based on the amount bet during the past 7 days. Inform your players about these various wager levels and rewards below:
    • 500 USDT bet: Receive a 10 USDT free bet
    • 1,000 USDT bet: Receive a 25 USDT free bet
    • 5,000 USDT bet: Receive a 150 USDT free bet

How players can join the event

To help your players partake in the 60K Winners Circle offer and enjoy its enticing rewards, follow this simple guide to assist them in getting started:

  1. Have your invites opt into the 60K Winners Circle to start earning rewards every Monday.
  2. Advise your players to score more points for better odds. They can earn points based on their bets:
    • 1 point for odds between 1.5 to 2
    • 15 points for odds over 5
  3. To secure a chance, make sure they place a minimum bet of 50 USDT.
  4. Inform your players to aim for the top 100 spots on the rankings. By reaching the top 100, they will secure a share of the 15,000 USDT prize pool awarded weekly.
  5. Motivate them to go for the top spot and if they manage to claim the first place, they can relish the grand prize of 4,000 USDT.

Cheer with the sports fans as you earn big at Partners.io

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