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What is Bitasino’s Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT

The Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT is a generous Bitcasino offer that enhances the gaming experience of newly registered players on the site. As a new player, they can maximise their gaming experience by unlocking a bonus for not just one but three consecutive times they deposit on their accounts. With each deposit, the thrill will soar as they witness their gaming funds rapidly grow.

As a partner, you can captivate players with the prospect of boosting their initial deposits and enhancing their gaming adventures. With up to 4,500 USDT available as a bonus, players will be enticed to join Bitcasino and make multiple deposits to unlock the full potential of this offer.

This deposit bonus will encourage new players to stay and explore the wide range of games and features Bitcasino offers. This presents a chance for you to elevate your revenue as you earn based on the deposits made by your referred players.

Deposit Bonus Rewards

Refer to the table below, which outlines the deposit bonuses your invites can enjoy on their first, second, and third deposits at Bitcasino:

1st deposit 2nd deposit 3rd deposit
100% deposit bonus up to 500 USDT/75,000 JPY 75% deposit bonus up to 1,500 USDT/200,000 JPY 50% deposit bonus up to 2,500 USDT/350,000 JPY

How your invites can join and leverage the bonuses

Claiming the Deposit Bonus offer at Bitcasino is designed to be simple for players. Here’s how they can join and reap the rewards of this promotion:

  • Once your players have registered an account at Bitcasino, they can activate the deposit bonus offer by going to the bonus section and opting in. To qualify for the bonus, they must make a minimum deposit of at least 50 USDT into their Bitcasino account.
  • It’s worth noting that each player can join the offer only once to ensure fairness and prevent abuse.
  • This offer applies to your players’ first three deposits at Bitcasino. They will qualify for the second deposit offer if they have completed their first deposit. Similarly, if they have completed their first two deposits, they can reap the bonus on their third deposit.
  • By joining, your players can earn up to 4,500 USDT or 625,000 JPY for their first three deposits.

The bonus amount will be credited to their account balance and can be used to elevate their gameplay and potentially increase their bankroll.

  • To fully enjoy the bonus, players can discover the vast casino games at Bitcasino. They can explore and play their favourite slots, table games, or live dealer games while aiming to meet the betting requirements linked with the bonus.
  • Once the betting requirements are met, they can enjoy their winnings from this offer, withdraw their funds, or continue their gaming journey at Bitcasino.

Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT terms of service

Bitcasino has set up terms and conditions for the Deposit Bonus to maintain fairness and clarity. As an affiliate, you need to convey these rules to your players so they will know how it works.

Here is the key information you should communicate to your invites:

  • To maximise this offer, your players need to activate the offer on the ‘Bonus’ page of Bitcasino and make an instant deposit of at least 50 USDT or 7,500 JPY. Any deposits below this amount will not qualify for the offer, and multiple small deposits will not be combined.
  • The reward is a cash reload bonus based on a percentage of the deposit amount. Cash rewards are subject to 30x betting requirements.
  • The maximum bonus players may receive for each deposit is as follows:
    • 100% of the deposit amount: 500 USDT or 75,000 JPY for the first deposit
    • 75% of the deposit amount: 1,500 USDT or 200,000 JPY for the second deposit
    • 50% of the deposit amount: 2,500 USDT or 350,000 JPY for the third deposit
  • This offer is available to all new players, and betting requirements apply only to the bonus money.
  • The redemption rate of cash rewards varies based on the game category. Slots contribute 100% towards the betting requirements, while table games and live dealer games contribute 20% each.
  • Players can view this offer by switching their balance display to USDT or JPY, as the cash rewards can only be redeemed in these currencies.
  • Betting must be completed within seven days of activating each offer.
  • Any funds deposited after claiming the reward will be locked until the player places a bet. Locked funds cannot be withdrawn until the reward is fully used or forfeited.

For instance, if the player activates their first reward and deposits 100 USDT, the deposited 100 USDT will be locked, and the player will receive 100 USDT in bonus money. During betting, the locked funds will be used first, followed by the bonus money.

  • This offer can only be used once per player, IP address, or household.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT at Bitcasino?

The Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT is a special offer at Bitcasino, where newly registered players can receive a bonus on their first deposits. The bonus amount is based on a percentage of the deposited funds, up to a maximum of 4,500 USDT.

How does the Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT work?

The Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT rewards new players with a bonus based on their initial deposits. The bonus amount is calculated as a percentage of the deposited funds. It is credited to the player’s account, allowing them more funds to use for their gaming activities.

Are there any limitations or restrictions for the Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT?

Yes, the Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT comes with specific limitations and restrictions. These include minimum deposit requirements, betting conditions, and specific timeframes during which the offer is valid. As an affiliate, it’s crucial to thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions of the offer so you can effectively relay them to your invites at Bitcasino.

How will I earn from the Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT?

As a partner, you can earn a Deposit Bonus of up to 4,500 USDT by signing up at and referring new players to Bitcasino. When your referred players make their first deposits and join the promotion, you can earn commissions based on their deposit amounts. The more players you invite, the more earnings you can generate from this offer.