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Santa’s Sleigh of Surprises Promotion

Santa’s Sleigh of Surprises is a special promotion by the crypto casino brands and This festive campaign allows you to maximise the holiday season by promoting exclusive rewards and surprises to your potential players. Take advantage of this promotion to attract more players and increase your earnings during the holiday period.

To further understand this promotion, here are other important details you should know:

Daily festive rewards

Casino Boost

One of Santa’s surprises that your players can relish is the Casino Boost. With this, they can leverage a fantastic boost to their winnings on selected games.

When participating in this delightful offer, wagers in all Bitcasino and Sportsbet-supported currencies are eligible for the boost. Each player can activate the boost once, and when enabled, there is a designated period to play the chosen games on both platforms.

During this time, any winnings accumulated in the game are boosted, allowing players to raise their earnings. However, it’s important to note that only bets made with real money are boosted.

The best part of this reward is that the winnings are paid out promptly and without any wagering requirements. Hence, your players can claim their boosted winnings and revel in their good fortune, making this promotion a true delight this festive season.

Multiplier Challenge

In this thrilling offer, players can put their skills to the test and aim for a remarkable multiplier on their bets. The multiplier is defined as the win-to-bet ratio per single bet.

To participate, your players must place spins of at least 1 USDT or the equivalent in other supported currencies on the platforms. Each player must bet a minimum of 1 USDT per single bet and reach a 100x multiplier to unlock the prize automatically. 

It’s worth noting that bonus features purchased with real money from the player’s account balance count towards the wagering amount for a single bet. 

Rewards for this challenge are paid out in USDT or JPY, depending on the player’s primary currency on the platform. Rewards earned through the Multiplier Challenge do not carry any wagering requirements and are credited instantly upon achieving the required multiplier.

Random Drops

In Random Drops, players must also place real money bets in any supported currencies at Bitcasino or Rewards for this offer are randomly distributed, enhancing the excitement and providing each player with unexpected windfalls. 

Like other festive campaigns, rewards for the Random Drops are paid out in USDT or JPY and have no wagering limit. Players can enjoy the unexpected boosts to their bankroll without any additional conditions or restrictions, making their gaming experience even more thrilling.

Sports Super Boost

For both online casinos and sports enthusiasts, has the exclusive Sports Super Boost they can enjoy. This campaign allows them to enjoy a super boost on their selected sports bets.

Wagers in all supported currencies of are accepted for this exciting campaign. Each player can utilise the super boost once. When they make their eligible selection, the super boost will be available on their bet slip.

It is worth noting that the super boost does not apply to cash-out, and if a cash-out is performed, the bet will revert to its original price. The winnings from the Super Boost also do not have any wagering requirements and are paid out once the bets are settled. It’s an incredible chance for players to enhance their sports betting experience and potentially increase their winning payouts.

Leaderboard Prizes

In the Santa’s Sleigh of Surprises promotion at Bitcasino and, every player you can invite can compete for a share of the 50,000 USDT or 7,500,000 JPY prize pool through a thrilling leaderboard competition. By earning points and aiming for higher positions on the leaderboard, they can secure a portion of the prizes.

The top-ranked player in any platform will receive an impressive prize of 25,000 USDT, rewarding their outstanding performance throughout the competition. This adds a thrill and encourages active participation from the players, allowing you to attract more invites by highlighting its competitive nature and the potential for substantial prizes.

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With the holiday season in full swing, the Santa’s Sleigh of Surprises promotion offers a compelling reason for players to engage with the platforms, driving traffic and increasing conversion rates in your affiliate account.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Santa’s Sleigh of Surprises promotion?

Santa’s Sleigh of Surprises is a special holiday promotion the two leading crypto casino brands offer. It provides exclusive bonuses, rewards, and exciting surprises to players, creating a festive atmosphere and boosting engagement in the platform. 

As an affiliate, you can leverage this promotion to invite players to your affiliate account to earn a 45% commission.

How can I join the affiliate program at

Joining the affiliate program at is straightforward. Navigate to our website’s main page and click the ‘Become a partner’ button. Fill out the required information and agree to the terms and conditions, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a valued affiliate partner of the platform.

What benefits can I expect as an affiliate at

As an affiliate at, you can enjoy and maximise many benefits, such as high commission rates, detailed stats and reporting, fast and reliable payments, access to leading brands in the industry, and support from our experienced team of affiliate managers.