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What is Race to Riches?

Race to Riches is an exhilarating horse racing tournament at during the JRA and Chiho Keiba seasons. This event allows players to experience betting on Japanese horse racing matches while competing for incredible prizes. 

What sets Race to Riches apart from other promotions is its doubled prize pool, reaching an impressive 10,000 USDT. This means that participants have even more opportunities to win and ride to riches. This promotion maximises your chances of inviting potential players and earning 45% in revenue shares. 

Players can showcase their horse racing skills and climb the leaderboard during this promotion. The tournament intensifies on Sundays, doubling the points earned, increasing the chances of securing the top spot.

As participants accumulate points throughout the tournament, they inch closer to claiming their share of the substantial prize pool. The exciting races combined with the doubled prize pool create an electrifying atmosphere, making Race to Riches a must-join event for horse racing enthusiasts and players looking for an adrenaline-fuelled betting experience.

Guiding your audience to participate

To guide players in experiencing this high-stakes tournament at, you can follow the guide below:

  1. Click on the ‘Join’ button: Encourage your audience to visit the Race to Riches promotion page at by signing up on the platform and joining the promotion.
  2. Place single or multi bets: Players must place their bets on any horse racing market available at to participate. They can bet on a single horse or create multiple bets by combining multiple selections. The more bets they place, the more opportunities they have to accumulate winnings and earn points in the tournament.
  3. Collect points based on winnings: Players will earn points based on their winnings from Monday 00:01 to Sunday 23:59 JST. You can emphasise the importance of strategic betting to maximise their chances of earning points and climbing the leaderboard.
  4. Double points on Sundays: Players’ earned points are doubled every Sunday. This means that their performance on Sundays can significantly impact their overall standing in the tournament. Encourage them to focus on placing bets and making winning selections on Sundays to boost their chances of claiming the top position.
  5. Rewards for top players: Players on the leaderboard receive a share of the total 10,000 USDT prize pool. The exact distribution of the rewards depends on their final positions on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament. The higher they rank, the greater their chances of receiving a larger portion of the prize pool.

Race to Riches Prize pool

The Race to Riches prize pool offers an array of enticing rewards for participants based on their final rankings. Here’s the table of the prize pool you can show your audience to entice them to sign up and participate:

Rank Prize money
1 3,500 USDT 
2 2,000 USDT 
3-4 1,000 USDT 
5-6 500 USDT 
7-10 200 USDT 
11 – 15 75 USDT 
16 – 25 Bombay Live exclusive free chips worth 20 USDT
26-50 Bombay Live exclusive free chips worth 5 USDT

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