Looking for a live baccarat game with the highest betting limit in the industry? Look no further as Bombay Club Baccarat is just the game you’re looking for, and you can play it at Sportsbet.io.

The thrilling baccarat game is not the only title available on the platform. It’s also home to over 5,000 casino games from the top casino game providers in the world. Recommend the casino site to your audience when you sign up as a Partners.io affiliate and earn enticing rewards. Some benefits you can enjoy include up to 45% in revenue shares for every punter you bring to the platform.

What is Bombay Club Baccarat?

Bombay Club Baccarat is a live dealer game you can wager on at Sportsbet.io. It offers one of the highest betting limits in the industry, allowing you to wager as much as you want and earn double your stake. It is also facilitated by engaging game hosts that make the gameplay even more worthwhile.

Perks of playing Bombay Club Baccarat at Sportsbet.io

Playing Bombay Club Baccarat at Sportsbet.io holds many perks you can enjoy. Curious to know what they are? Discover all of them on the list below:

The live dealer offers one of the highest bet limits

Many punters struggle to find live dealer baccarat games with high betting limits. Fortunately, that’s a problem you won’t face at Sportsbet.io, thanks to Bombay Club Baccarat. When you play the game, you can enjoy placing wagers ranging from 50 USDT to as high as 120,000 USDT.

Engage with entertaining game dealers

Some live dealer games can feel dull, and that’s largely due to live dealers who seem uninterested in their tasks. That’s not an issue you will face when playing Bombay Club Baccarat. Every dealer who facilitates Bombay Live Baccarat games is energetic and lively, which helps you become immersed in the gameplay. 

A great alternative to sports betting

Is your favourite sport in the off-season? Or are you looking for a fun betting game outside of sports? Either way, Bombay Club Baccarat is the best option for you. This live dealer has easy mechanics, fast gameplay, and impressive betting limits. 

Wager using your preferred crypto

One of the best things about playing Bombay Live Baccarat at Sportsbet.io is the ability to wager using crypto. As one of the first crypto betting sites in the world, the platform supports various cryptos you can use, such as:

  • Tether (USDT)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Binane Coin (BNB)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • The Open Network (TON)
  • USD Coin (USDC).

Play using the mobile app

Another great thing about playing Bombay Club Baccarat at Sportsbet.io is its accessibility. When using the platform to play the game, you can do so across multiple devices, such as your phone, PC, or tablet. 

When using your mobile device, you can access Sportsbet.io using your browser or by downloading the mobile casino app. Regardless of which device you use, you can rest assured that you can place wagers and enjoy the gameplay whenever and wherever.

Climb up the VIP ladder

Every wager you place at Sportsbet.io rewards you with points that go toward improving your membership level. The more wagers you place, the more points you make, allowing you to climb up the membership tiers.

As a new punter, you start as a Steel member. Once you reach the required XP points, you’ll level up to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Diamond. The higher the tier, the better the rewards you can receive.

Finally, when you become one of the top punters on the platform, you can get invited into the exclusive VIP Clubhouse. As a VIP member, you’ll get the most luxurious betting experience in the world. That’s thanks to the exclusive rewards offered to Sportsbet.io VIPs, including a dedicated VIP manager, wager-free rewards, invites to exclusive events, and more.

Tips on placing bets on Bombay Club Baccarat

Before encouraging your punters to start betting on Bombay Club Baccarat, make sure you first share with them key tips to help them win. Don’t know what they are? Use our list below as a guide:

Take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions

To maximise your every wager, take advantage of all the casino bonuses and promotions on the platform. Since Sportsbet.io offers various promos, you have plenty of options to choose from. This includes the following:

Weekend Surprise Boost

Every weekend, Sportsbet.io highlights one of the games on their platforms through the Weekend Surprise Boost. Make sure to keep an eye out each week so you don’t miss it when Bombay Club Baccarat is featured. Once it is, you can enjoy boosted wagers of up to 25% in 5 minutes. 

The first three crypto deposit

During your first three crypto deposits, you can enjoy a 10% bonus that reaches as high as 10,000 USDT. To participate, you need to enable the ‘Crypto Deposit Offer’ on the Rewards section of your profile. Once you have, make sure to deposit at least a minimum of 100 USDT, 5 mBTC, or 0.05 ETH to be eligible.

Use a betting strategy

As a game of luck, there is no guarantee that the wagers you place will reward you with big wins. However, there are ways you can maximise your chances of winning and minimise your losses. The best way to do this is by using popular betting strategies used across the world.

There are various betting systems you can use, especially the most popular ones, such as:

Martingale system

With the Martingale system, the focus is on recovering whatever loss you accumulate. To do this, you’ll double your wager each time you lose and revert to the original amount once you win. 

For example, if your initial wager is 5 USDT, then you need to place 10 USDT when you lose the next round. You’ll continue to double this amount until you win. By doing this, you can completely recover the amount you’ve lost.

Paroli system

The Paroli system, also known as reverse-Martingale, is a baccarat strategy focused on increasing your winning. When you use this strategy, you’ll double your wager with every win. 

How to bet on Bombay Club Baccarat at Sportsbet.io

There’s one more important piece of information you need to relay to your audience, and that’s the process of playing on the platform. If you’re unfamiliar with how to bet on Bombay Club Baccarat at Sportsbet.io, encourage your audience to follow our guide below. 

1. Create an account at Sportsbet.io

If you want to play Bombay Club Baccarat at Sportsbet.io, you need to create an account to access the game, since all the games on the platform are exclusive to registered punters.

To start the registration process, head to the sign-up page and fill up the form with your username, email address, date of birth, phone number, or password. Alternatively, you can also register by connecting your existing accounts on platforms such as Metamask, Google, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Line, or Telegram.

2. Transfer funds to your Sportsbet.io wallet

After registering on the platform, the next step is to deposit funds into your account. To do this, click on the ‘deposit’ button in the page’s top right section. Doing so will pull up the available options on the platform. 

If you want to transfer funds from your crypto wallet, you can choose which supported crypto you want to transfer to your Sportsbet.io wallet. This opens the page where you can copy the address or QR Code to finalise the transfer on your crypto wallet.

If you don’t have existing funds to wager with, you can also purchase directly from the platform. Do so by selecting the ‘Buy Crypto’ option and purchasing from one of the partnered exchanges. The crypto exchanges you can buy from are Onramper, Bybit, Binance, Blockfinex, and Bitflyer.

3. Wager on Bombay Club Baccarat

Once your account has been set up, you can now visit the Bombay Club Baccarat game page. Make sure to set the amount you want to wager between 50 USDT to 120,000 USDT.

After setting your bet amount, wait for the game host to start the betting round. The betting session lasts only for a few seconds, so be vigilant and wager as soon as it starts. The wagers you can make in baccarat are:

  • Banker – A Banker’s bet is when you think the Banker will have a higher hand value than the Player.
  • Player – This is the wager you place when you think the player will have a higher hand than the Banker’s.
  • Tie – If you think both the Banker and Player will have an equal hand value, then you can place the Tie bet.
  • Banker Pair/Player Pair – If you think the hand of either the Player or Banker will consist of cards with equal hand value, then you can place either a Player Pair bet or a Banker Pair bet.

4. Claim your winnings

When you make the correct wager, you’ll receive the corresponding rewards. At Sportsbet.io, you won’t have to worry about where to claim your winnings since they’re automatically rewarded to your account. 

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Sportsbet.io is one of the best betting platforms out there, and Bombay Club Baccarat is only one of the most rewarding games they offer. On top of that, they also offer various bonuses and promotions that make their punters’ gameplay extra fun.

Spread the word to your audience when you sign up as a Sportsbet.io punter and help them start claiming big wins. As a reward for your efforts, you’ll receive as high as 45% in revenue shares for every punter you bring to the platform.