A good affiliate manager needs to be dedicated, responsible, flexible and, most importantly, someone who develops good relationships with their customers. This is exactly what Shinji Ota values the most as a Partners.io affiliate manager.  

In our interview with him, Shinji offers insight into what it takes to be successful in this industry. Find out what it is like to be an affiliate manager, how she relaxes, and more in our interview below:

1. What are your core values as an affiliate manager?

Make sure to attend to each affiliate’s needs and requests with care.

2. How long have you been an affiliate manager?

5 months.

3. What’s the biggest commission payout you’ve made?


4. What’s your best tip for becoming a successful affiliate manager?

Treat each affiliate differently and provide more personal support.

5. What’s your favourite movie and why?

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. [It’s] smart, engaging, and includes my favourite actors and actresses.

6. To start your day off in the right way, what’s the one thing you need (or you need to do)?

2 large cups of coffee.

7. Is it better to accept commissions in crypto? Why or why not?

Yes, because it gives affiliates more flexibility with exchanging funds to other currencies depending on region and target geo.

8. What are you most looking forward to in the affiliate industry (could be events, changes, innovations, etc)?

Innovations in VR technology; e.g., VR and streaming services are fused to allow streamers to interact directly with their audience. It will widen the types of activities that affiliates/streamers can provide for their audience.

What we learned from Shinji Ota

Here are some of the main points we learned from our engaging conversation with Shinji Ota:


Having a great relationship with your affiliate is one of the most critical core values for an affiliate manager. Moreover, you should always be there when your affiliate needs you or has questions or problems. 

This means that as an affiliate manager, you should ensure to attend to each affiliate’s needs and requests. If you’re a dedicated and responsible affiliate manager, your affiliates will trust you. 

Takeaway #2

For managers and their affiliates to become successful in this industry, they need to treat each other with care and provide support. However, ensure that you treat one another differently as not all affiliates have the same support and needs. 

This means that respect should always be present. It is the most essential factor in establishing strong relationships with affiliates. When affiliates witness their managers’ concern and support, they’re more likely to trust your brands, programs or firms.

Takeaway #3

It’s best to accept commissions in crypto since they’re flexible when exchanging funds for other currencies. With crypto, you don’t need intermediaries or third parties when transferring funds wherever you may be in the world. 

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