Harry Gerrard, a new affiliate manager of Partners.io, is here to talk about what it’s like to be in the affiliate business. Valuing market knowledge and communication skills the most, he’s already gained much learning experience in his new journey and is eager for more.

Harry has been with Partners.io for four months. During this time, he has met different affiliates with various marketing approaches and received great insight into what it takes to succeed in the field. 

So we sat down with Harry and asked the most important questions about what it takes to be an affiliate manager, what it’s like to be in his position, what he does to unwind and more. 

Here’s what Harry shared with us when we asked him:

  • What are your core values as an affiliate manager? 

‘I believe the core values of an affiliate manager entail being extremely organised, resilient, and having the ability to think ahead. We work in a disruptive industry, and resilience and spot pressure in decision-making comes with the job and is the part I love the most. 

An Affiliate manager is someone who needs to have excellent communication skills, as he is a driver of acquisition; hence maintaining relationships and keeping his brands ahead of competitors is important. Having a deep understanding of the market and competitors also helps.’

  • How long have you been an affiliate manager? 

‘My journey into affiliate management is relatively very new. It has been 4 months since I started in this role. But each day comes with a lot of learning and experience.’

  • What’s the biggest commission payout you’ve made?

‘The biggest commission until now that I have made to an affiliate is close to 8K USDT.’

  • What’s your best tip for becoming a successful affiliate manager? 

‘Ensure that your affiliates are treated as good as your partners in promoting your company. Recognising their good work is really important as they are the ones who have access to the traffic that your organisation needs the most.’

  • What’s your favourite movie and why?

‘My favourite movie is “Pursuit of Happiness”. The movie really motivates me, when I am struggling and seeing more failure than success. Since I have changed my role and have moved into a new territory of affiliation. The movie reminds me to remain hungry and keep striving to achieve success.’

  • To start your day off in the right way, what’s the one thing you need (or you need to do)?

‘I usually plan my day before coming to the office. I need that 10 mins every day before I leave home for my office to sort out the most important issues and find solutions which need to be addressed. It helps me to figure out my day in an efficient manner.’

  • Is it better to accept commissions in crypto? Why or why not?

‘Gone are those days when the movement of money across the border used to take x amount of working days. Crypto is fast, fun and fair. No more hidden costs or long working days before the money is received.’

  • What are you most looking forward to in the affiliate industry (could be events, changes, innovations, etc)?

‘As a newbie in the affiliate business, the most important thing for me is to attend events from my market. This helps me go a long way in terms of driving business for my organisation and making connections within the industry who can help me achieve my goals.’

Our major takeaways from Harry Gerrard

Here are some of what we learned from our meaningful conversation with Harry Gerrard:

Takeaway# 1:

To be a great affiliate manager, you must be extremely organised, resilient, and able to think ahead. You’ll always make on-the-spot decisions, so you need to be quick on your feet and decide the best course of action.

Takeaway# 2:

As a driver of acquisition, an affiliate manager must have good communication skills to be successful in this industry. Maintaining relationships and keeping his brands ahead of the competition is critical. Understanding the market and rivals is also beneficial.

Takeaway# 3:

One of the best tips for becoming a good affiliate manager is knowing your partners, meaning being empathetic to your affiliates. Treat your affiliates as your partners in promoting your company. Recognising their efforts is critical since they can access the traffic you need the most.

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