May 22nd marks the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, also remembered as the first time a real-life purchase was made with Bitcoin. 

To look back to the historic day, Bitcasino’s Diamond Hands recently celebrated the event along with crypto enthusiasts across the globe. Know more about this significant event in the history of crypto when you sign up to be an affiliate at

History of Bitcoin Pizza Day

The history of Bitcoin Pizza Day goes back to May 2010, just a little more than a year since Bitcoin was launched. 

On May 18, an early crypto enthusiast, Laszlo Hanyecz, posted on, stating that he wanted to purchase two large pizzas in exchange for 10,000 Bitcoin. 

After a few days, another crypto enthusiast named Jeremy Sturdivant agreed to accept his offer and had two boxes of Papa John’s delivered to him. He paid for this, as promised, with the 10,000 BTC he owned.

Though this is a large sum of digital money by today’s standards, Bitcoin prices weren’t as high in 2010. In truth, it was after this historic purchase that Bitcoin’s value increased. In today’s time, however, those two boxes of Papa John’s Pizza are considered the most expensive pizza in the world.

Why Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated

Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated as it highlights an essential milestone in the crypto industry. Before Hanyecz traded his BTC in exchange for pizza, Bitcoin was worth virtually nothing. His trade had allowed crypto to be used in real-world transactions, which later led to massive crypto acceptance worldwide.

Considering how far the crypto industry has come since then, it’s only right that the first use of crypto is honoured. As for Bitcasino, it’s an event it celebrates as one of the first crypto casinos in the industry to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. 

How Bitcasino celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day

In the sixth episode of Bitcasino’s Diamond Hands series, Bitcoin Pizza Day was celebrated by sharing information about the day and its significance in the crypto industry.

In addition to this, Bitcasino also celebrated the momentous event through three Bitcoin Pizza Day promotions. Bitcasino players can participate in these invitational tournaments during May to celebrate the historic day.

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