Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative career path, but not everyone is suited to being an affiliate manager. Developing good relationships with your customers, advertisers and, most importantly, affiliates require constant availability and dedication. This is exactly what Naomi Takahashi values the most as a affiliate manager.  

In our interview with her, Naomi offers insight into what it takes to be successful in this field. Find out what it’s like to be an affiliate manager, how she unwinds, and more in our interview below:

  • What are your core values as an affiliate manager?

‘I can say my core value as an affiliate manager is dedication. I’m always ready to support affiliates’ activities and respond to their queries. When I get questions to which I don’t have answers to, I talk to the respective teams and try to get the answers. 

Of course, the urgency is different at each query/timing, but I believe the dedication earns the trust and trust leads to the strong connection between affiliates and affiliate managers.’

  • How long have you been an affiliate manager?

‘I joined this industry as an affiliate coordinator, and I became an affiliate manager after 8 months of experience. Now it’s been 7 months since I became an affiliate manager (still struggling).’

  • What’s the biggest commission payout you’ve made?

‘The biggest commission payout I have made in a month was about 477,000 USDT.’

  • What’s your best tip for becoming a successful affiliate manager?

‘As I mentioned in the core value question, I believe trust is the biggest key to building a good relationship with the affiliates. And for this, being honest with the affiliates is very important. If the affiliates can see the honesty of the affiliate managers, it will lead to the trust of brands/program/company.

  • What’s your favourite movie and why?

”One of my favourite movies is “About Time”. This movie has a kind of sci-fi essence, but overall the story is about the love of family. There are so many beautiful scenes to describe the bond of family and each scene reminds me that it’s very important to express love to the family (sometimes it’s a bit awkward for me as Japanese…).

  • To start your day off correctly, what’s the one thing you need (or you need to do)?

In the morning, I always do two things. One is having a glass of hot water to save myself from dryness. And another thing is doing small stretches. This helps me to completely wake myself up. Since I’m not a morning person, I need to beat myself up!

  • Is it better to make affiliate deals in crypto? Why or why not?

‘One of my targets is to offer opportunities to educate the Japanese people about crypto. It can be said that there is a psychological wall for Japanese people since crypto is not visible and sometimes it’s a bit difficult for them to trust.

I feel it’s very important for us to explain the safety and security of crypto and let people know that crypto transactions are actually very easy and super fast.

So, the answer to this question is, YES, it’s better to make affiliate deals in crypto. This could be a great opportunity for our affiliates to understand how it works.’

  • What are you most looking forward to in the affiliate industry (could be events, changes, innovations, etc.)?

As I’m based in Estonia now, it’s difficult for me to meet my affiliates in person. I attended LAC this February for the first time and had a lot of opportunities to meet exciting/new affiliates. It was pretty hectic, but I enjoyed the excitement there.

And I also want to invite my affiliates here in Estonia and show them our work environment. Actually, our office is pretty cool and Estonia is very different from Japan from any perspective, so I think my affiliates will love it!’

What we learned from Naomi

Here are some of the main points we learned from our fascinating conversation with Naomi Takahashi:


Dedication is one of the most critical core values for an affiliate manager. This means that an affiliate manager should always be available to assist their affiliates and respond to their inquiries. Dedication leads to trust, and trust leads to a strong bond between affiliates and affiliate managers.

Takeaway #2

For affiliate managers and their affiliates to become successful in this industry, they need to trust each other completely. It’s the most crucial factor in having positive connections with affiliates. That’s why managers should always be truthful with them. If affiliates see the affiliate managers’ honesty, they trust the brands, programs or companies.

Takeaway #3

It’s best to make affiliate deals in crypto since they’re secure, fast and easy. Affiliates can benefit greatly from accepting crypto commissions as high as Naomi’s 477k USDT.

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