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What is ESTCube-2?

The ESTCube-2 is a CubeSat or miniaturised satellite created by the Estonian Student
Satellite Foundation. As a port of the ESTCube program, this is the second project they will launch preceding the
ESTCube-1. This innovation is expected to reach space sometime this year to orbit 564 kilometres from the

The importance of the ESTCube-2 satellite

The intriguing innovation has a crucial significance in advancing science and more. Read
on to learn all you need to know about the innovative project below:

Starting with ESTCube-1

The first Estonian satellite, ESTCube-1, was launched in 2013 and deployed into space
through the Vega VVo2 carrier rocket. 

Considered significant scientific research, this project includes the test of an
electronic solar wind sail or E-sail. The CubeSat orbited space for about two years until its mission ended in

The purpose of ESTCube-2

ESTCube-2 aims to accomplish greater heights than its predecessor, which means there are
several scientific purposes for its upcoming launch. Once it takes off to space, it will be practical testing for many
technologies, including:

Plasma brake technology

When the ESTCube-2 is launched into space, scientists will study the plasma brake
technology, which will be used to remove the satellite from orbit after its mission ends.

Fully integrated satellite on-board systems

Some systems on board include a star tracker, flywheels, cold gas thruster module, and a
radio. These systems will be part of advanced testing to determine their effectiveness.

Earth observation cameras

Tartu Observatory developed two Earth observation cameras which will be tested while the
ESTCube is in orbit. These two cameras function in different wavelengths to measure the NDVI vegetation index on

Film anti-corrosion materials

Another test which will be conducted on the ESTCube-2 is the use of film anti-erosion
materials from Tartu University, developed by a researcher named Maido Merisalu.

How is ESTCube-2 related to Bitcasino?

While all this is intriguing, you might wonder how it connects to playing casino games
at Bitcasino. In August of 2022, Bitcasino announced that it partnered with ESTCube to send one Bitcoin to space when
it launches in 2023.

Through the partnership, Bitcasino allows their players to send their cryptos to space
in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The crypto onboard ESTCube-2 will orbit the Earth until the CubeSat’s mission

Why you should promote it to your audience

The ESTCube-2 is an innovative satellite project that brings astronomical advances in
different fields, including crypto. Find out the biggest reasons why you should promote its partnership with crypto to
your audience below:

  1. Send your crypto assets to space

Do you want to know what’s more fulfilling than owning Bitcoin? It’s participating in an
astronomical event by sending your Bitcoin assets to space. While thousands of investors can own Bitcoin, not many can
say that their assets orbited the Earth as part of an innovative science study.

  1. Take part in an extraordinary event

The ESTCube-2 is a great scientific study that will be forever embedded in the history
of both Estonia and the field of science and technology. That alone should entice your audience to join this historic
event. This is not an everyday opportunity, so be sure to jump on the chance to participate in a life-changing event
through Bitcasino.

  1. The many benefits of the ESTCube-2 research satellite

Aside from the bragging rights you’ll earn for sending your Bitcoin assets to space,
ESTCube-2 is a worthy scientific invention that aims to test several new technologies to help future space
exploration. Wouldn’t you want to take part in such a significant scientific study?

  1. ESTCube-2 is set to launch in 2023

There’s still time if you want to participate in this out-of-this-world experience. The
ESTCube-2 is expected to be launched this 2023, though no specific date has been set. That means you still have the
opportunity to join in.

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