In Bitcasino’s Bitcoin price predictor promo, players can win up to 250 mBTC by simply predicting Bitcoin’s price for February 28, 2023. The current round runs until February 24, 2023, wherein players can submit one guess per day.

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What is Bitcasino’s Bitcoin predictor?

The Bitcoin predictor challenge is a Bitcasino promotion designed to challenge punters on their crypto knowledge by predicting the price of Bitcoin. All Bitcasino players can join in on the fun if they meet the terms and conditions. Up to 100 people can also claim a prize from the prize pool.

How does it work?

The Bitcoin price predictor is only one among many other promotions available at Bitcasino, which is a sure hit to the crypto enthusiasts in your audience. Encourage them to participate in the thrilling competition through these simple steps: 

  1. Log in to your account

You need to have an account at Bitcasino to be eligible for the challenge. If you already have one, simply log in through your web browser or Bitcasino app to join the promo.

  1. Navigate to Bitcasino’s promotions page

After logging in, head to the promotions page of the platform. There, you’ll find a variety of promotions to join. In this case, select the Bitcoin price predictor challenge to participate in. 

This daring game is best for avid crypto enthusiasts with a keen knowledge of Bitcoin’s volatile price hike or reduction. However, don’t let this keep you from joining in on the fun. As long as you meet the requirements set for the challenge, there’s no harm in placing your prediction for a chance to claim up to 250 mBTC.

  1. Know the terms and conditions

Although the promotion is open to all Bitcasino players, you must still meet the eligibility requirements to compete. Check the terms and conditions outlined on the promotion page to ensure you can join and place your prediction.

  1. Click the opt-in option

When you’re eligible to compete in the challenge, you’ll find an ‘opt in’ button on the page. Click on it to place your prediction. Once you’ve opted in, you need to guess the Bitcoin price at the Bitstamp exchange on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. 

As part of the conditions, you can only place your prediction once daily once you’ve wagered the required amount on the platform. Be sure to place as many predictions as possible for more chances to win up to 250 mBTC.

Things to note before joining

Before you spread the word about this promotion to your audience, mention the game’s key aspects. To help you along, we’ve listed the key information you need to relay to interested players. See the list below:

  1. Place your vote on time

The current promotion runs until February 24, 2023. If you want to be one of the 100 winners, make as many predictions as possible. Once the results are out, the winners will divide the prize pool depending on their place in the ranking.

  1. What winners stand to win

Up to 100 players can win in the game. However, the amount they win largely depends on how well their prediction is. The punter with the prediction closest to the actual Bitcoin price earns the top spot, followed by the second, and so on.

When several players make the same winning prediction, the punter who placed their guess first ranks higher.

The prizes you’ll get don’t have wagering requirements. That means you can do as you please with the rewards once you get them on March 1, 2023. 

Finally, to give you better insight into what you can win, check the table below:

Player’s place Prize
1 250 mBTC
2 125 mBTC
3 100 mBTC
4 85 mBTC
5 50 mBTC
6 30 mBTC
7 to 10 15 mBTC
11 to 20 10 mBTC
21 to 50 5 mBTC
51 to 100 1 mBTC


  1. Bitstamp BTC/EUR exchange rate

Bitcoin prices largely vary depending on the exchange since trading volume and liquidity play a role in determining Bitcoin’s price. As such, this challenge uses the BTC to EUR open price at Bitstamp on February 28. 

  1. The number of predictions available per player

Each participant is entitled to 1 prediction a day as long as they’ve wagered as high as 100 mBTC on any Bitcasino slot or live table game. Don’t waste the opportunity and start playing your preferred slot or live dealer game to opt-in on the challenge.

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