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Meet at the iGB Affiliate and AMPLIFY Summit!

Meet at the iGB Affiliate and AMPLIFY Summit!

Mark your calendars because this January 17 to 18 and February 8 to 11, you’ll find at AMPLIFY Summit 2023 and iGB Affiliate London respectively! Catch us at these marketing conferences representing our partner brands Bitcasino, and 

Come on out and sign up as an affiliate at, get to know your partners and have a grand time learning from industry experts. Learn more about these must-attend events in the sections below.

What to know about the events

Meet at the iGB Affiliate and AMPLIFY Summit!

iGB Affiliate London and AMPLIFY Summit 2023 are digital marketing conferences where you can expand your affiliate network and learn from leading industry experts as they discuss marketing trends. These summits offer world-class exhibitions, talks and symposiums about marketing your niche in an ever-growing digital world. 

At these events, you can meet with and discuss how you can be part of the program by signing up as an affiliate. Aside from that, you can also meet with hundreds of other affiliates of Bitcasino, and and expand your network. 

AMPLIFY Summit 2023

AMPLIFY Summit 2023 is one of the biggest virtual events in digital marketing. Presented by Affiliate Insider, this event is for digital marketers and affiliate managers looking for expert knowledge in the industry’s latest programs and performance management strategies. Affiliate marketers like you can learn from expert-led panels and symposiums so you can amplify your performance this 2023 and beyond. 

When is the AMPLIFY Summit 2023?

Tuesday, January 17, marks the start of AMPLIFY Summit 2023, which will end on Wednesday, January 18. This two-day virtual summit offers delegates the chance to learn with industry experts about what’s new and groundbreaking about digital marketing and its performance landscape. 

Where is the event taking place?

The summit will take place digitally, meaning every session is conducted online. You can be part of the expo by registering for free at their website. But slots are limited, so hurry before they sell out!

What can you find in AMPLIFY Summit 2023?

Everything digital, partnership and affiliate marketing will be discussed during the expo! Led by expert speakers, the AMPLIFY Summit offers many sessions wherein you can pick and choose which applies to you. And if you miss any session, you can catch up with replays that will be available 12 months after the event!

Who’s in the AMPLIFY Summit 2023?

Expert speakers from different companies practising digital marketing will be there. Find opportunities to network directly with different leading global brands, including! You’ll also catch other companies in various industries, such as P&G, Forbes, Amazon, Microsoft and Marriott International, when you attend the expo. 

Why should you attend AMPLIFY Summit 2023?

Aside from forging new partnerships and expanding your network, you also get to expand your knowledge about digital marketing in a competitive landscape. With attendees spanning across industries, you get actionable help and insights from years of experience from global companies that rake in billions of revenue. This is your stepping stone to excelling in your affiliate marketing career!

iGB Affiliate London 2023

iGB Affiliate London 2023 welcomes you to a new era where you can grow digitally by having the right partnerships, tactics and strategies to expand your affiliate network. In this event, you can connect with thousands of other affiliates, networks, agencies, advertisers and affiliate programs in the iGaming industry that can secure fast growth for you in European markets. 

When is the iGB Affiliate London 2023?

Wednesday, February 8, marks the start of the iGB Affiliate London 2023 expo, which will last until Saturday, February 11. During the four days, you can meet with affiliates, advertisers, e-commerce sellers, networks, and tech suppliers and learn strategies and tactics to market your content in the digital space. 

Where is the event taking place?

The Troxy in London, United Kingdom, is where you want to be on February 8 to 11, 2023, to join one of the biggest affiliate events in the world. Register for free to secure your passes as early as now.

What can you find in iGB Affiliate London 2023?

At the iGB Affiliate London 2023, you can find over 4,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors that can help you grow your network even further. Aside from that, you’ll find multiple expert-led content sessions to help you market your niche in the digital landscape. 

Who’s in the iGB Affiliate London 2023?

From leading businesses and companies in the iGaming industry to affiliate marketers, you’ll find an array of people with whom you can connect at the iGB Affiliate London expo. Become one of the attendees and learn about affiliate marketing like never before!

You can also find as one of the exhibitors at this expo. Visit our booth, and we can discuss our affiliate marketing program for Bitcasino, and!

Why should you attend iGB Affiliate London 2023?

iGB Affiliate London 2023 isn’t just about making connections—it’s also about building your knowledge about digital marketing in the world of iGaming. Industry-leading speakers will talk about SEO strategies, understanding the casino demographics, crypto and metaverse, and how these things can help you with your affiliate marketing journey

Meet with, your partners in success!

Meet at the iGB Affiliate and AMPLIFY Summit!

Join us at AMPLIFY Summit 2023 and iGB Affiliate London! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet our team, sign up as an affiliate of and take your affiliate journey to the next level. We’ll see you there!

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