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Meet at the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 event in Berlin

Meet at the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 event in Berlin

Mark your calendar this October 26 to 27 for a once-in-a-lifetime event where affiliates like you can find the perfect network for your niche. We invite you to Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 and join us at table #1204 to discuss how you can sign up as an affiliate at is attending the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 event as a representative of leading casino brands, and We are excited to share this event with you as we work on creating a lasting partnership where your growth and ours go hand in hand.    

Get to know all the details of the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 and find out how we can become partners in the iGaming market below. 

Affiliate Meet Markt 2022: Connecting you to a world of opportunities

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Clarion Events and iGB Affiliate and Affiliate Summit announced their first joint venture to help online businesses and affiliates like you grow in your sector. 

Whether you’re into FX, personal finance, health & wellness, crypto, casino gaming or Nutra, you can build a network and establish your name as a marketer and business promoter at the Affiliate Meet Markt event. Know more about the event below:  

About Meet Markt 2022

Meet Markt 2022 is the first event of its kind to create an avenue where businesses and affiliates can meet and establish a connection. This event aims to support businesses looking to expand in Europe, as well as affiliates who want to market their content and following to different companies within their niche. 

When: October 26 to 27,2022

Where: Arena Berlin, Germany 

What can you find in Meet Markt 2022?

At the Meet Markt 2022 summit, you can find an opportunity to work with different market-leading companies. There are over a hundred exhibits within the event that you can use to expand your network as an affiliate. 

One of the exhibitors is We are a global affiliate program representing the top casino gaming companies in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Who’s in the Meet Markt 2022?

A hundred exhibitors and over 3,000 attendees will join the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 event in Berlin, and you can become one of them! 

Why should you attend Meet Markt 2022? 

Meet Markt 2022 is all about building connections, finding opportunities, learning new trends and creating an avenue where businesses and affiliates can grow together symbiotically. 

To turn this vision into reality, Meet Markt invited top speakers and marketers to share 50+ tactical lessons on how you can nail your niche, increase traffic and discover new market trends that will increase the efficiency of your promotional materials. 

Additionally, Meet Markt is the perfect event to help you find the best brands you can work with, depending on your niche. As the leading affiliate program for online casino gaming, is extending our invitation to you. Join us in our booth at table #1204 for more details on how we can work together!  

Getting to know Your partner in success

Meet at the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 event in Berlin is a global affiliate program that serves as your gateway to working with the top casino brands in the world, like, and By creating your account in, you can access all the features you need to connect with these market-leading brands. 

You will also receive the best possible affiliate experience from a global team. It includes receiving high rewards of up to 45% revenue share, a loyalty program with perks ranging from exclusive event invites to cash prizes and a fast network where you can receive and withdraw your shares in real-time. 

Find out more about what we can offer you as our partners when you work with us at 

  • We work with leading brands in the casino industry, so you don’t have to worry about creating your promotional materials. Just create your content, and our brands will do all the talking! 
  • We got international sponsorships offering a range of exciting rewards and incentives once you become a top affiliate. 
  • We offer attractive deals for you and your audience.
  • We have fast affiliate payments and easy withdrawals. Watch as your share grows in real time through your account. 
  • We got a robust tracking and reporting system that allows you to see any movements in your account and your promotional materials. You can see if your content is earning traction and shares. 
  • We have localised affiliate guidance to help you create geographically efficient content. 
  • We have an award-winning affiliate team that will assist you in creating your content. 

Come and join us in Affiliate Meet Markt 2022, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet our team face-to-face. Pave your path in affiliate marketing and work with a program that can support you. Join us at today! 

How to sign up for the event for free

Meet at the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 event in Berlin

Don’t want to miss out on the awesome opportunities above? Here’s how you can sign up for the Meet Markt 2022 event and how you can become an affiliate of 

How to sign up to Meet Markt 2022

  1. Visit the official Affiliate Meet Markt page. 
  2. Click the ‘Register’ button on the event promotion page. 
  3. Select the ‘Affiliate Pass’ tab and click ‘Apply now’. (Registration is free for affiliates)
  4. Fill out the Affiliate Meet Markt 2022 affiliate pass request form with your details and click ‘submit request’. 
  5. Wait for your request to be approved via email. 

Let’s talk about our partnership in 

(Face to face) 

  1. We can talk about our partnership face-to-face at the event. All you have to do is visit us at our booth in Arena Berlin, table #1204. 
  2. To ensure that we have someone available to assist you and talk to you about’s affiliate program, you can schedule our talk through this link: (  
  3. Select which date you are attending (October 26 or October 27)
  4. Choose your preferred time and click ‘confirm’.
  5. Send us your name and email along with your details.


  1. You can still reach out via Skype if you miss the chance to talk to us at the event. Contact us through our email (

Say ‘Hi’ to us in Berlin!

With these opportunities waiting for you, it would be a shame to miss out on meeting us at Meet Markt 2022. Drop by our booth at table #1204, and let’s discuss how you can sign up as an affiliate at

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