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Sportsbet.io Clubhouse: Where only the best belong! 

The Clubhouse is Sportsbet.io’s own loyalty program. Here, the most daring and loyal players are rewarded with exclusive deals they can’t find anywhere else. 

To join the fun, bettors only need to create an account at Sportsbet.io and make a crypto deposit to wager on different matches and tournaments. 

Of course, entering the Clubhouse is just the beginning of the experience. From there, they can make more bets to level up from Steel to Diamond.

Levelling up comes with rewards and a level point multiplier to help players get bigger rewards. The more they play, the more they save using these rewards! 

Clubhouse features 

Sportsbet.io’s Clubhouse comes with loads of features that help bettors get the best odds for their wager as you can see below: 

Bet multiplier 

The bet builder allows bettors to combine multiple wagers for the same game match into a single high-return bet. Through this feature, bettors can combine the most popular bets in the market and find the best possible win! 

Multibet multiplier 

The Multibet multiplier can be applied to at least 5 different bets so bettors can rack up wins. The more wagers they add to their bet slip, the more boost they get.  

All selected bet slips must have a minimum odds of 1.50 to activate the multibet multiplier. 

Price boost 

This feature gives bettors a price boost once a day on their favourite games or sport to get bigger prizes. 

Multi insurance 

Sportsbet.io has a multi-insurance feature so bettors don’t have to worry about their bets when they wager on their favourite matches and games. See the example below to understand how the insurance works: 

If a player wagers 5 or more multibets and one stake loses, the player’s wager will be returned as a free bet as long as they meet the following requirements: 

  1. Players should have a multibet on 5 or more markets with a minimum odd of 1.50 for each market. 
  2. Click the ‘apply multi insurance to apply the multi-insurance feature on multibets. This feature can only be used every 24 hours. 
  3. If a player loses one of the multibets, their wager will be credited to their account as a free bet as soon as the multibets have been settled.  
  4. The maximum refund limit for bets is 25 mBTC. If a player’s losing bet exceeds this limit, only 25 mBTC will be returned to their account as a free bet.
  5. The redeemed free bets are valid within 48 hours of being rewarded and could be used in bets with a minimum odd of 1.50.

Road to Clubhouse glory: Loyalty perks and more! 

By joining Sportsbet.io’s Clubhouse, bettors can enjoy endless rewards that will level up the fun! Here are the perks that loyal punters receive: 

Club talk chat 

The club talk chat features a live Q&A with the biggest names in different sports. Sports quizzes are posted on the chat and players who rake the most points receive an awesome reward. 


This is a free betting experience where players can submit predictions on the four quizzes asked in the target game and get the chance to win a free bet! 

Bet free 6-6

All clubhouse members are free to join the bet free 6-6 where they only need to guess the scores of 6 eligible games to win up to 100,000 worth of USDT every week. 

Behind the bet 

Clubhouse members can live stream a series of interviews with famous sports personalities and hear exclusive stories from the sports legends themselves. Sports fans can also use the Club talk chat to interact with the featuring athletes all on the live stream!