Ready to get your hands on that 45% revenue sale deal? Here’s a campaign by Bitcasino that your audience will be thrilled to participate in! Hook in all the football fans with an exclusive chance to win a VIP ticket to the FIFA World Cup this 2022. 

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar draws closer, football fans are scrambling to get their tickets to see their idols in action. With tickets selling fast, a VIP entry is a luxury most fans would cry out for and Bitcasino is ready to deliver! 

From June 20 to September 22, Bitcasino offers football superfans a chance to see their favourite players while enjoying a lavish experience. Here’s all you need to know about it. 

Road to Qatar: All will be decided with a draw! 

After 4 years without the FIFA World Cup, fans from around the globe are buzzing with excitement now that the most awaited football competition is returning to the field. 

Bitcasino opens its ‘Road to Qatar’ event where fans around the world can join the grand raffle draw to win a VIP ticket to the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar on November 21.  

The grand raffle draw will have three separate rounds where participants can win not just the VIP ticket but also other exciting prizes like a new iPhone, iPad, Airpod Max headphones and USDT rewards! Check the details of the event below: 

What: Road to Qatar 

Road to Qatar is one of the biggest and grandest Bitcasino campaigns in World Cup history. For this event, one lucky winner will get a chance to attend the much anticipated FIFA World Cup in Qatar as a VIP while enjoying other exclusive benefits from Bitcasino. Meanwhile, other winners can enjoy expensive new gadgets like the latest iPad!

When: June 20 to September 22

The Road to Qatar raffle draw will have three separate rounds where 25 lucky winners will receive a reward. Save the dates below and join in on the fun! 

  1. Round One (The Last-16 Round): June 20 – July 20, with the draw taking place on July 22.
  2. The Second Round (Semi-Final Round): July 21 – August 21, with the draw taking place on August 23.
  3. Round Three (The Final Round): August 22 – September 22, with the draw taking place on September 24.

Where: Bitcasino live stream 

Every participating player can witness the live draw streamed by Bitcasino so you can feel the thrill of anticipation as winners are announced!

Who: Bitcasino players

From new to VIP players at Bitcasino, everyone is welcome to grab the chance to win jaw-dropping prizes as well as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the most monumental tournament in history.  

How to join: Make a deposit 

Joining Bitcasino’s exclusive raffle is easy! Participants only need to make a deposit on their Bitcasino account and play their favourite casino games. Each participating player can collect a maximum of one (1) ticket per draw. 

Winners’ goal: Event prizes

Generous rewards are waiting in Bitcasino’s grandest campaign yet. Here are the prizes every participant should look forward to: 

Grand prize: VIP ticket to FIFA World Cup + Bitcasino luxury experience

The grand prize for the ‘Road to Qatar’ event is none other than an exclusive VIP ticket to FIFA World Cup 2022. However, that’s not all there is to look forward to. The winner will also be treated to an all-expense paid trip to Qatar on a business class flight and a 5-star accommodation in Qatar’s fanciest hotel. 

Of course, this grandiose experience wouldn’t be complete without a cruise in Bitcasino’s exclusive yacht and a meet-and-greet dinner with a surprise match ambassador. Here’s a clue: they could be an artist, coach or even one of the football superstars! 

To make this reward even better, the grand winner can invite one guest to come with them and experience Bitcasino’s luxurious treatment together! 

Here’s everything the grand prize winner will enjoy: 

  • Tickets to the last-16 round, semi-finals and finals for the winner and their guest
  • Business class flight  
  • 5-star hotel accommodation 
  • Yacht trip 
  • Meet-and-greet with a match ambassador.

Other prizes: Extravagant new gadgets or crypto rewards

With Bitcasino, everyone’s a winner! With each raffle round, 25 lucky winners can receive either of the following prizes in Bitcasino’s Road to Qatar raffle draw: 

  • iPhone x5
  • iPad x5
  • Airpods Max x5
  • 500 USDT x5
  • 100 USDT in Free Chips x5.