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The first licensed bitcoin-led online casino that provides its players a fun, fast and fair gaming experience 2,000+ games and an excellent array of table and live dealer games, as well as slots, video poker, and lottery.

1-5 FTDs
6-15 FTDs
16-30 FTDs
31-50 FTDs
51+ FTDs
Affiliates can earn up to 45% revenue share no quotas!
Available around the world, in 11 languages

The industry’s fastest-growing bitcoin-led sports betting site that offers over 420,000 pre-match events per year and an ever-increasing number of live events streamed around the clock. Proud sponsors of English club Arsenal F.C., Southampton F.C., and official betting sponsor of Brazilian team Sao Paulo F.C.

1-15 FTDs
16-40 FTDs
41+ FTDs
Promote and earn up to 35% commission!
Available around the world, in 10 languages

A brand that facilitates luxury in a fair way so that every player feels like a VIP. Providing players with a unique live casino experience from the comfort of their home, featuring top live casino providers. keeps players active and gives great value for all. has record high growth and we invite you to be part of the success story.

1-5 FTDs
6-15 FTDs
16-30 FTDs
31-50 FTDs
51+ FTDs
Affiliates can earn up to 45% revenue share no quotas!
Targeting different regions in Asia with dedicated regional managers the fastest growing crypto-led online gambling site that provides customers secure entertainment with more than 3000 games. They offer the most popular slots, table games, live casino games, game shows in the market.

1-20 FTDS
21-50 FTDS
51-100 FTDS
101-200 FTDS
201-300 FTDS
301-500 FTDS
Affiliates can earn up to 50% revenue share!
Available around the world, in 12 languages


With up to 45% Revenue Share deal on offer, it's time to start profitable cooperation!

Detailed Stats

Our unique affiliate system provides you hourly updates as well as allowing you to track your campaigns, customers and traffic”

Lifetime Revenue

As always us your potential revenue is limitless, the more traffic you bring in, the more you will earn. Our generous payout structure allows you to earn on every player.

Fast Affiliate Payments

We pay our affiliates fast. At the start of each month, we pay commissions within 5 business days.

Leading Brands

We take pride in our service excellence and we’re always here to provide you more ways to generate traffic market-leading brands.”

Local Guidance

Benefit from the guidance and help of our location-based country managers, who have been over 10 years in the gaming industry.”

35+ Countries

Support for customers and affiliates in 11 different languages, customers from over 35 countries.

Our Testimonials

With up to 45% Revenue Share deal on offer, it's time to start profitable cooperation!

Spend less time and still make more money! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not if you choose to partner with BitcasinoPartners for your affiliate deals. This is the experience we have had, so we couldn’t be happier!


Bitcasino Affiliates we are more than satisfied with how our partnership is progressing. The crypto element is a clear selling point and this has added some much-needed variety to our website. What's more, we have found the affiliate team to be first-class - always helpful and fast with communication, so they have our recommendation.


Online Casino Valley is proud to partner with We consider it a reliable project in the world of crypto gambling. They have the best conditions for players who want to get the best gaming experience playing cryptocurrency. We at Casino Valley are happy to partner with this bitcoin casino and recommend it to others.


A longterm partner of ours with great products! You should definitely work with them as you’ll get to promote great brands with a wealth of casino games with new functions. Trustly and paynplay is at the heart of brands.


We are very happy to partner with Their brand performs really well among our Canadian readers and we are glad to have it on our list of top bitcoin casino sites.

At we only work with the best crpyto brands out there so adding to our portfolio was a no -brainer. It's great to work with brands that are leading the way in the industry with their innovative projects and with such a great team to back it up. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

We are happy to find as our partner, their brands are definitely something new and its important to us to follow the trend. Their managers are very friendly and professional, what makes its easy to work with. Recommend them!

company: is a brand we highly recommend our users and partners to cooperate with. They’re one of the most trusted names in the business and have carved a niche for themselves as industry leaders recognized for trust, innovation, and quality service. Their affiliate platform is reliable and absolutely user friendly. We look forward to a long and successful business relationship!

We are happy to work with brands such as, with a great framework and a responsive team we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial agreement working with online casinos in Canada!


Our work with has been great - this is a very professional program which has dedicated and responsive managers with helpful solutions. We recommend working with


We're very happy with our work with - they are reliable, highly professional and perform very well. Their managers are responsive and their program is very friendly to affiliates. Highly recommended.

It has been an immense pleasure working hand-in-hand with Thus, we managed to bring a high-end product to our visitors and reap outstanding results. We highly recommend their affiliate program to anyone looking for long-term and beneficial partnership.


Having been partners with for a while now, we can definitely see some positive results. We can say it’s been smooth sailing thus far and hope to enjoy continued success while being a part of this amazing affiliate program.

company: is a relatively new partner with us at CSGOBettings, but we can already say that we are very pleased to cooperate with them and we expect our partnership to be an extended and productive one. Our affiliate manager, Jussi, is always available and very supportive. A total recommendation from us!


We at Casinos Analyzer have just started working with They provided us with all the necessary information we requested regarding their brand and best free slots. We consider their brands among the top Best Online Casinos. It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional team!

BitCasino are decent and reliable partners. With such team, you can be sure of the safety and speed of your commission paying. We are glad that such a brand exists in the crypto gambling world.

Bitcasino is one of our favourite casino brand. We appreciate the team behind it who have created a fun gambling product that takes care in every aspect. is looking forward to years and years of affiliation with Bitcasino.


Working with equals success for us. As soon as we shook hands, we saw high conversion rates and happy customers. The team is professional and friendly. We are proud to be a partner of

If you look for the best onlincasino partner with cryptocurrency, Bitcasino is the one. They have best experience in the industry and the members of affiliate team are truly professional! We are very happy with work with them, and believe we’ll make good future both of us! has a fantastic crypto brands and a very professional team. It's a really simple and profitable partnership, and we convert quite well.


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What is an Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a partnership between you and the operators:, and Being part of the affiliate program the operators pay you a commission for every referred customer that is active.

How do I earn money through your program?

Whenever a player registers through the tracking link provided to you and wagers money – you will earn a percentage of that player ́s monthly losses.

How can I add sign-up sub-affiliates?

On your account, you have a dedicated “Sub-affiliates” section. With a dedicated sub-affiliate tracking link you can refer other partners, influencers, friends and professional affiliates to join our program. The affiliates signing up with your link will start automatically generating commission for you when they become active as a partner in our program.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

There is no limit to the amount of revenue you can earn. The more customers you send, the more likely you are to increase your earnings.

Is there a minimum commission withdrawal requirement?

There is no minimum amount for the withdrawal! Commission funds will be processed to the player account from where you are able to cash it out at any time.

What makes different from other sites?

What sets apart from everyone else is that we ensure affiliates, ambassadors, influencers, content partners and all our partners and players are given the best possible experiences; from a multilingual, fun, fast, and fair gaming to enjoying the global approach we have to everything we do. This includes only working with dedicated crypto operator brands that have a detailed focus on providing the best in service experience for our players, offering a variety of incentives such as our Loyalty Program and daily promotions, plus massive cashback, and unique rewards to enjoy.

How do I earn commission?

When you refer to a player, this player becomes linked to your affiliate account. When your players wager real money and generate revenue for our brand, you earn a percentage of that revenue which is generated.

How can I keep track of my performance?

You can track your performance by logging into the platform. On the main dashboard, you have all the relevant information and for more in-depth analysis we have a special “Reports” section.

How often are my statistics being updated?

The statistics on your affiliate dashboard are updated hourly, so you’ll always be seeing accurate numbers within the hour when you log in. Clicks and Impression data do get recorded in real time for when you want to test campaigns prior to going live.

How exactly is my affiliate profit calculated?

Whenever a player wagers money on our website, you earn a percentage of that player’s revenue. Your Profit = (Bets – Wins – Bonuses – Network fee of 20%) x (your commission percentage)

Does negative balance carry over to the next month?

When your player wins, your commission might be affected since we deduct those winnings from the earnings. However, it is very unlikely this will be a long-term event.

Can I refer myself?

No, it’s not allowed in our program. It will be counted as fraudulent activity and your account may be suspended.

How do I begin promoting?

Log in to your referral account, go to Marketing tools > All marketing tools. Under this option, you’re able to select from different size HTML/GIF banners to Landing Pages in different languages. All of them have a unique tracking link to keep individual track of the performance of each asset. You can then post the tracking link on your website.

How can I use your banners?

Banners are a great way to promote our brands. To start using them go to Marketing Tools > All marketing tools> Filter by Type> GIF/JGEP and click on Show creatives. Now links are generated. You can create as many links as you need, to promote our brands.

Can I request custom banner?

We will always do the best we can in order to make sure you have creatives suitable for your site. If you need custom creatives, please contact us at

How can I keep track of my performance?

To track your performance, log in to the dashboard. You can see all your statistics on the dashboard. You can also use reports to track your performance as well as the performance of your sub-affiliates. You can filter the information in the reports by various factors.

How is a new player linked to me?

We use cookie tracking and special tracking codes to tag the players that you refer to us as sportsbooks or casino affiliates. In some cases you can also use Server to Server tracking or pixel tracking. Please speak to your account manager to get additional information about this.

If I have more than one website, should I create separate accounts?

No, you only need one account to track all your websites. You can, however, create several tracking links for each site.

Does the affiliate program accept all websites?

We do not work/promote underage-targeted websites or adult websites. We are against restricted advertising; any affiliate who uses these methods will be banned from our program. We reserve the right to take legal action to secure our brands against any affiliate who violates this Policy. Please review our Affiliate Terms & Conditions for further information.

Does the affiliate program accept all websites?

We don’t not promote targeted towards children or adult websites. We are against restricted advertising; any affiliate who uses these methods will be banned from our program and we reserve the right to take legal action against any affiliate who uses these methods to secure our brands. Please see our Affiliate Terms & Conditions for further information.

How do I get paid for being an affiliate?

At the beginning of each new month, your commission is transferred to your player account. You can withdraw your earnings to your bitcoin wallet at once or use them to play or bet.

Is there a minimum commission withdrawal requirement?

There is no minimum amount for the withdrawal. Commission funds will be processed to the player account from where you are able to cash it out at any time.

Is there a maximum commission withdrawal requirement?

We reserve the right to set a maximum payout of m฿ 50,000 per player per day. According to our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to carry out an additional KYC verification process when the withdrawal exceeds m฿ 1,000.

How often am I paid?

Your affiliate commission is paid automatically at the beginning of the new month. The funds will be processed to your player account, which must be created after becoming an affiliate to be paid.

Who are VIP players?

A VIP is a user who plays very often and is a loyal user. VIP users are offered personal service by our lovely hostesses and also exclusive and unique gifts tailored to each person’s individual wishes. If you have users who you believe should be VIP- then get in contact with us and we will help direct you to the relevant VIP team to help you with that.

What do VIP players get?

VIP players are treated to exclusive promotional offers, a dedicated Account Manager to assist with loyalty rewards, and additional bonuses such as for Birthday celebrations. VIP players can also receive special event invitations, with flights and accommodations covered by the company.

Are there special VIP promotions?

Yes, we have numerous promotions designed for our VIP customers, either for the whole group or for a specific VIP user only. These promotions include bonuses, gifts, special tournaments, lotteries, etc

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