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What is an Affiliate Program?
Affiliate Program is a partnership between you and the operators: Bitcasino.io and Sportsbet.io The operators pay you a commission for any leads that are sent through your sites/social media/forums/links etc. Every referred customer that is active and produces revenue, generates profit for you.
How do I earn money through your program?
Whenever a player registers through the tracking link provided to you and wagers money – you will earn a percentage of that player´s revenue as a sportsbook or casino affiliate.
How to join the Affiliate Program?
We respect your time and our user-friendly platform allows you to start generating earnings within seconds after the registration. Simply, register an Affiliate Account with us and once logged in, all you need to do is to create a tracker link.
How much can I earn as an affiliate?
There is no limit to amount of revenue you can earn. The more effort you put in to sending traffic to the site, the more you will earn.
Will it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
Partners.io Affiliate Program is absolutely free! Our goal is to help you advertise our brand, and we are glad to compensate you fairly for your efforts.
Is there a minimum commission withdrawal requirement?
There is no minimum amount for the withdrawal! Commission funds will be processed to the player account from where you are able to cash it out at any time.
What makes Partners.io different from other sites?
It is very similar to the typical format that players are familiar with. The major difference is in payment processing speeds and security - Bitcoins only take a few seconds to deposit or withdraw and it is anonymous.
How do I earn commission?
When you refer a player, this player becomes linked to your affiliate account. When your players play for real money and generate revenue, part of that revenue is transferred to your own player account with either Sportsbet.io or Bitcasino.io.
How can I keep track of my performance?
You can track your performance by logging into the affiliate platform. On the main dashboard you have all the relevant information and for more in-depth analysis we have a special “Reports” section.
How often are my statistics being updated?
The statistics on your affiliate dashboard are updated daily, so you'll always be seeing accurate numbers.
How exactly is my affiliate profit calculated?
Whenever a player wagers money on our website, you earn a percentage of that player’s revenue. Your Profit = (Bets – Wins – Bonuses – Network fee of 20%) x (your commission percentage)
Does negative balance carry over to the next month?
When your player wins, your commission might be affected since we deduct those winnings from the earnings. However, it is very unlikely this will be a long-term event.
Can I refer myself?
No, it's not allowed in our affiliate program. It will be counted as fraudulent activity.
How do I begin promoting?
First, you log in to partners.bitcasino.io or partners.sportsbet.io and get the Tracker link. One link is automatically generated when you create an account, and you can create more links if necessary. You can then post the Tracker link on your website. The banners are available in GIF and HTML formats.
How can I use your banners?
1. Log in to affiliate dashboard.
2. In the left pane, click „Trackers“ > „Get your Link“.
3. Follow the steps to select the deal type, tracker, language etc. 
4. Once you have completed all the steps, the banner link is generated.
You use this link to promote our web pages. You can create as many links as you need. All the links created are tracked with your own unique tracking code.
Can I request custom banner?
Yes, we will always do the best we can in order to make sure you have creatives suitable for your site. If you need custom creatives, please contact us at affiliates@partners.io.
How can I keep track of my performance?
To track your performance, log in to the affiliate dashboard. You can see all your statistics on the dashboard, on the General page. You can also use reports to track your performance as well as the performance of your sub-affiliates. You can filter the information in the reports by to various factors.
How is a new player linked to me?
We use cookie tracking and special tracking codes to tag the players that you refer as a sportsbook or casino affiliates.
If I have more than one website, should I create separate accounts?
No, you only need one account to track all your websites. You can, however, create several tracking links for each site.
Can I open affiliate account without having website?
Yes, of course. Today there are many different channels where you can effectively promote without actually having your own website – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, forums and etc.
Does the affiliate program accept all websites?
We don’t not promote targeted towards children or adult websites. We are against restricted advertising; any affiliate who uses these methods will be banned from our program and we reserve the right to take legal action against any affiliate who uses these methods to secure our brands. Please see our Affiliate Terms & Conditions for further information.
How do I get paid for being an affiliate?
At the beginning of each new month, your commission is transferred to your player account. You can withdraw your earnings to your bitcoin wallet at once or use them to play or bet.
Is there a minimum commission withdrawal requirement?
There is no minimum amount for the withdrawal. Commission funds will be processed to the player account from where you are able to cash it out at any time.
Is there a maximum commission withdrawal requirement?
We reserve the right to set a maximum payout of m฿ 50,000 per player per day. According to our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to carry out an additional KYC verification process when the withdrawal exceeds m฿ 1,000.
How often am I paid?
Your affiliate commission is paid automatically at the beginning of the new month. The funds will be processed to your player account, which must be created after becoming an affiliate to be paid.
Who are VIP players?
A VIP is a user who plays very often and is a loyal user. VIP users are offered personal service by our lovely hostesses and also exclusive and unique gifts tailored to each person’s individual wishes. If you have users who you believe should be VIP- s then get in contact with us and we will sort it out!
What do VIP-s get?
VIP players are treated to exclusive promotional offers, a dedicated Account Manager to assist with loyalty rewards, and additional bonuses such as for Birthday celebrations. VIP players can also receive special event invitations, with flights and accommodations covered by the company.
Are there special VIP promotions?
Yes, we have numerous promotions designed for our VIP customers, either for the whole group or for a specific VIP user only. These promotions include bonuses, gifts, special tournaments, lotteries, etc
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